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Start today and begin working towards earning one of the top 15 highest-paying IT certifications. It’s valuable to understand which certifications have the best influence on your career by talking to experts in your field. Linux certification demonstrates that students have an understanding of Linux and knowledge of open-source systems. Developers, administrators, and engineers can all benefit from Linux LPI essential certification. Linux certifications are also key for increased job opportunities and salaries.

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BCBA Certification Courses.

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That means getting a PMP certification can take years, but it’s worth it for those that want this kind of career. However, those numbers can grow significantly if a PMP holder moves up into senior management, which many such professionals do. Undoubtedly, this growing enthusiasm for certification has much to do with how quickly the IT landscape has changed in recent years. The rapid shift to cloud computing, particularly among small-to-midsize businesses, means employers need teams with modern skills to match. Similarly, the ever-evolving underworld of cybersecurity threats is another perennial worry. It’s no secret that employers have struggled to hire and retain qualified talent in recent years, a situation made all the worse since the pandemic. In a survey by Global Knowledge, a technology skills learning company, 50% of hiring managers said recruiting has been a major challenge.

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IT staff who have passed a certification exam or series of exams have the specific knowledge to respond to issues or challenges that the department faces, making them more effective in their jobs. Organizations with strong learning cultures provide those seeking professional development opportunities provide financial assistance and additional support.

  • But, how do you determine the best certification for you right now and in the future?
  • Depending on your industry and level, some jobs will require specific certifications.
  • Businesses are becoming increasingly reliant on complex technologies, which in turn increases the demand for skilled IT professionals who can work with those technologies.
  • You may have set a personal goal for yourself to earn a new certification, whether for professional recognition or personal achievement.
  • Skillshop is a training platform owned by Google to help you master any Google tool.

No matter your current level of experience, it’s never the wrong time to pick up some new skills or even pivot into a whole new line of work. A multitude of certification programs are available, and there are more free or low-cost sources of training for them than ever before.

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Learn about the specific certifications we offer at WGU and which degree you can pursue in order to get those certificates. Each of our IT degrees offers test preparation, rigorous coursework, and opportunities to get top-industry certifications at no extra cost. Information Technology is a rapidly growing field, and the knowledge possessed by IT professionals cuts a wide swath. These online LinkedIn Learning classes, training, and certification programs enhance your skills and take your knowledge to the next level. A professional-level certification for networking professionals that covers advanced routing technologies and troubleshooting skills. A professional-level certification for networking professionals that covers data center technologies.

As a result, they are highly sought-after and valued employees and can forge a career in nearly any field in the private or public online it courses sector. One reason I love @pluralsight training is how they curate similar courses on a subject into a learning path.

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